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Vuesol Technologies Inc.: Rendering Groundbreaking Services in IT

Shiva Krishna Chegondi, Co-founder
Information Technology has been mounting as one of the most significant terms in the present business world and it has been quite instrumental in the transformation of the modern day corporate structure. The Late 90s saw its emergence and slowly it became an unchangeable practice for every organization across the globe. Involving IT as a tool to implement certain business strategies foster business value and enhance itssuccess. Outsourcing on the other hand is also witnessing a growth andpresently is a common practice for various organizations. Vuesol Technologies Inc., a global technology services provider has chosen the path of outsourcing in order to help its customers inincorporating various innovations in technology into their business strategies. Being a new comer in the realm of IT outsourcing, the company aimsto meet the IT needs of its customers by making efficient utilization of data and by collaborating effectively with suppliers and partners. Co-founders Shiva Krishna Chegondi and Sirish Kumar Puppala lead the organization with efficiency and render a wide range of services including mobile application development, exclusive best practice offerings, enterprise solutions and services, cloud services, technology consulting and integration services.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, the organization is also branched at many other principal locations across the world. In addition to the abovementioned services,the enterprise also significantly works in the area of IT Consulting, Systems Integration, Strategic Staffing, business process outsourcing (BPO) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to provide flexible and scalable end-toend services. “Information Technology Consulting Services address the most pressing needs of our clients by industry and by enterprise function. The integration policy of the same also address the business and performance issues of a given industry,” explains Sirish. However, most of the companies face intense competition in the market due to limited finance and lack of technology expertise. Covering all these areas Vuesol’s partner program includes a wide range of solutions that address these complexities that most of the clients face.

“Right from strategy development through to implementation, clients benefit from our technology-enabled hybrid approach. Working with them every step of the way, we analyze their challenges, drive value, design operating models and guide them through transformation,” confirms Shiva. Simplifying advanced analytics to drive efficiencies within it sclients’ organization, Vuesol leverages its global IT infrastructure management services as a medium to pace up their customers’businesses. The organization is comprised of four major divisions which are:Vuesol Consulting, Vuesol Mobility, Vuesol Technology and Vuesol Staffing which enhances its clients’ level of technical proficiency. “We strongly believe core quantitative and qualitative shift in competition requires organizational change and the competitive trends must constantly be reinvented,” adds Sirish.

Vuesol has strengthened its position in the market by offering its services to Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized clients

The world of technology observes a constant competition prevailing in the market due to the varying dynamics such as price, limited financial capital, demanding customers and creation of non-strategic alliances. Irrespective of the changing trends the organization implements strategies based on the collected data and creating temporary advantages from market disruption. Vuesol has strengthened its position in the market by offering its services to Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized clients. Being one of the fastest-growing technology consulting and staffing firms the company is presently serving more than 50 clients globally. “Customers being our priority we deliver highly qualified and experienced consultants for any project, on any scale,” concludes Shiva.

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