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Jarrell: Illuminating the Software Industry with Consultative Approach

Mike Jarrell , Founder and CEO
Parents often leave a lasting mark on their child, which eventually manifests itself in the career choices they make in their lives. Be it a habit or discipline or fascinations for any instrument, game or technology, parents provide the basic building blocks for their child. For Mike Jarrell, CEO, Jarrell Systems, a software development firm; growing up surrounded by technology and gadgets became a way of life. Mike’s parents, Jim and Ann, were both programmers and business owners. Aspiring to be a technologist and an entrepreneur only came naturally to Mike. It was Jim who had founded Jarrell Systems in 1980 to provide computer-consulting services to companies across North America.
Later in 2013, Mike decided to recreate his father’s business and started offering website development and optimization services. Companies often do not have enough internal resources or expertise to take an idea from concept to market-ready product; Jarrell guides such organizations to bring their big ideas to life. Currently, the company develops multitude of software solutions of any scale. Right from optimizing eCommerce sales and designing better mobile experiences to implementing ERP software and developing software solutions, Jarrell specializes in bringing ideas to life. Mike adds, “Marrying efficient function and seamless form to meet the needs of a variety of organizations is the foundation that Jarrell’s services are built upon.” The company’s unique, consultative approach fulfills business requirement identification and flexible PM on time period and budget.

In its deliverables, Jarrell tries to be language and platform agnostic, choosing the best possible solution that makes businesses work instead of being struck with one particular technology. The company specializes in AngularJS, .NET, NodeJS, PHP and other related technologies. Jarrell’s core
competency lies in eCommerce integration and custom development. It follows the agile methodology, which offers great flexibility for it to bring out products to the market faster. Mike explains, “We see extensibility as the greatest strength of the agile methodology and we can customize it to fit to our customer’s needs”. Jarrell’s ERP implementations focus on annual goals and provides a holistic view of organizational workflows. In all its undertakings, the company creates a collaborative work environment between Jarrell’s team members and client’s internal staff and calls for greater collaboration among teams.

This Atlanta, GA, based company has worked with several clients across the globe. Some of its pioneering work in eCommerce and custom development space has brought innumerable accolades for the organization. With grit and dedication Jarrell has increased customer’s conversion rates by 65 percent and reduced customer checkout times by 38 percent for KontrolFreek, an eCommerce company. For Verizon, a telecommunication company, which was struggling with a multi-million-dollar telematics project, Jarrell worked side-by-side with the company’s in-house development team and accomplished the 6-month project in just 18 days and thus augmented their growth trajectory.

Jarrell’s unique, consultative approach fulfills business requirement identification and flexible PM on time period and budget

Regarding its expansion plans, Jarrell foresees to grow at 33 percent in 2016 and is also looking forward to investing in additional tools and resources to meet client’s growing demands. Besides, it also intends to invest in additional certifications including various technical disciplines for its resources and expand its offerings. Today, Jarrell has a laudable role in the software development space and will surely retain it in the future years.

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